Prof. dr. Leen Paape is professor Corporate Governance and chairman of the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute. He was appointed Professor of Accounting Information Systems, specializing in risk management, in 2007. He is frequently asked to speak at national and international conferences and regularly chairs sessions. After completing his education at the Dutch Royal Military Academy, he held various positions in the Dutch army and air force. He subsequently worked for KPMG (2 years) and KLM (9 years), after which he spent 10 years as a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Paape also holds positions on a number of supervisory boards and audit committees.
His career revolves around helping, analyzing and managing organizations’ efforts to use risk management more effectively to pursue their goals. It is his ambition to promote the wellbeing of organizations in general and their employees in particular, to create a climate in which people can apply their talents and contribute to achieving extraordinary results and, above all, where they enjoy their work.
Secondary positions
In addition to his activities for Nyenrode, Leen is a member of the Foundation Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee of ‘Stichting Carmel’, member of the Adisory Committee of ‘Stichting Erfgoed Broedercongregatie O.L.V. der Zeven Smarten’, member of the Audit & Risk Committee of the Municipality of Rotterdam, jury member ‘Best CSR report’ of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation for ‘De Kristal’, and a member of the jury of the Accenture Innovation Award.