Roberto Flören is the first person in the Netherlands to be appointed as Professor of Family Business. Furthermore, he has been appointed Head of Faculty in 2011. Professor Flören has held the Baker Tilly Berk Chair of Family Business and Business Transfer at Nyenrode since 2002. His research focuses on family business, the world’s dominant form of enterprise.
As an active member of the Nyenrode Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance and Stewardship he teaches family business in a large number of degree and executive programs.
He started a long-term research program on family businesses in 1992. His special interests relate to the interaction between the family, business and ownership systems within the family business. The results of the studies are, among others, used in the Nyenrode degree programs and executive courses. Many of the results have also resulted in a large number of (international) publications. His research efforts were awarded the NIVE-Jaarprijs (NIVE Award) in 1991 and the IFBPA Applied Research Award in 1997.
The main sponsors of his work include Baker Tilly Berk, ING en NPM Capital. Roberto received his Bachelor’s degree from Nyenrode Business Universiteit and his MBA from the University of Florida (minor in Finance). His PhD thesis Crown Princes in the Clay deals with succession issues in the succession of family farms.
Secondary positions
Roberto is currently working on various family business projects together with a large number of organizations, intermediaries and branch organizations. He is a columnist and a former board member of IFERA, the international family business research academy. Furthermore, he holds a number of non-executive board positions. He is on the non-executive board of the following three family businesses: Breman Topholding, a large family business in Genemuiden, Kwetters, one of the largest suppliers of eggs in Europe, and the Maan Group, a glueing and surface-treatment technology company in Raalte.


11 juli 2017