Terms of application

Terms of application

These terms set the rules for the relation between Universiteit Nyenrode B.V., hereafter called “Nyenrode Business Universiteit” or “Nyenrode Business University” (or just Nyenrode), and the student/participant, hereafter called “the student” who has agreed with these rules by subscribing him- or herself at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

The student accepts and agrees with the following statutes, rules and regulations, terms and documents, having examined them carefully, realizing their meaning and impact:

All documents “as are”, therefore in their actual and future status, as to be found on the Nyenrode website and/or made available at the offices of Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

As for students’ personal data: these are stored by Nyenrode and will not be offered to third parties, unless required to be disclosed by law. The student allows Nyenrode to use his/her personal data for educational purposes (accreditations, rankings, the formation of working groups and such, and also for diplomas and related documents). Nyenrode follows the rules of the current Dutch laws when submitting data to third parties and monitors whether the receiving parties do this as well.

In case of contradiction between the text in English and that in Dutch, the latter prevails. Should any above mentioned rule and/or regulation not be available in English, the Dutch version is applicable and will be translated on request. In case of any dispute arising, the dispute between Universiteit Nyenrode B.V. and the student is:

  • governed by the law of the Netherlands; and
  • settled exclusively by the District Court Midden-Nederland.

Hardship Clause

In any circumstances where the Decision making Authority has the conviction that it would not be suitable to execute a decision or a proposed decision concerning a student, the Decision making Authority has the power, but can in no way be obliged, to decide otherwise. The Decision making Authority may apply additional conditions as long as they are in the spirit of the original decision or proposed decision whilst avoiding creating precedents.