You can buy a SPSS Statistics license for a discount price of €2,75 at www.surfspot.nl

To buy the license, follow these steps:
1. Go to www.surfspot.nl
2. On the top of the page, choose ‘Nyenrode Business Universiteit’
4. You will now be sent to the Nyenrode Federate server, use your Nyenrode credentials to logon.
4. Go to Software -> Statistiek & Analyse.
5. Choose category ‘SPSS’
6. Purchase the license (Serienummer voor verlenging IBM SPSS Statistics) for your operating system that matches the system requirements.

Download the matching software from this page:

Windows   : SPSS27 (64-Bit)

Mac           : SPSS27

Older version

Windows : SPSS25 (32-Bit)

                   SPSS25 (64-Bit)

Mac         : SPSS25 (not suitable for Mac OS 10.15 Catalina or macOS Big Sur 11.0)

Please note:
IBM SPSS Statistics can and may be installed twice with the included Authorization Code.
The product can either be installed on 2 computers or on 1 computer so that a reinstallation of IBM SPSS Statistics can be performed at a later time..

In case you need help you can contact the Nyenrode ICT Helpdesk.




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