2015 saw the launch of the 'Claim Your Chair' project, aimed at raising money for the renovation of a number of lecture rooms at the campus. Tanja Visser, SNF director since March 2016, introduces the project: "Our mission is to invest in the past, present and future of the university. The Nyenrode Fund contributes to the quality of the education and the university's facilities. A great example of this is 'Claim Your Chair', allowing alumni, staff and other interested parties to invest in our university. All donations go towards the renovation and upkeep of our lecture rooms.

A donation of € 500 or more allows you to choose a chair in room 102 or 104 in the De Rooij building that will have a small plaque with your name on it. Depending on availability, you may choose who you would like to be next to. And of course, you may try to secure your favorite spot in the room.

You also have the option to leave a quote or motivational message on the plaque to inspire students and visitors alike. So far, 119 people have seized the opportunity to claim their chair!"