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of the crisis, Nyenrode launched a study together with accountancy, tax and advisory firm RSM


American Friends (AFNU) American Friends American Friends of Nyenrode University Inc. (AFNU) is a North-American organization of Nyenrode alumni and friends with the aim of supporting our educational goals and raising funds for revolving scholarship for current and future Nyenrode students. AFNU donations are tax-exempt under section 501(c


as a Public Benefit Organization. This means that under certain conditions, donations are tax-deductible


of donors, and we are very grateful for that. Donations are tax-deductible due to our ANBI status


government spend a great deal of money on digitization. According to the government, 1.25% of all tax, roughly 5% of its tax revenues on IT. Although not exactly comparable, that €3.5 billion is certainly


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, Head of Tax at RSM, explains the survey results: “The responses show that the implementation


Family-owned businesses invest in sustainability because they feel responsible for future generations. In comparison to non-family businesses, they are less likely to be led by external factors such as financers, legislation or competition. This is the outcome of research conducted by accounting and tax consulting organization RSM and Nyenrode Business University. Today, Prof. Dr. Roberto H. Flören (RSM Professor Family Businesses & Business Transfer at Nyenrode) presents the results


are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of Municipal Tourist Tax (€ 1.65 per person per night) and the rooms


with benefit payments from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. But wrong choices also cost a great deal


of professionalism and an informal atmosphere. Salary will depend on position and qualifications. Tax benefits


It is taking too long for companies to put well-being before profit. That is why a social duty of care must be enshrined in law. This is what Leen Paape says in his farewell speech as Professor of Corporate Governance at Nyenrode. If you look around you, you see that society in the Netherlands is deadlocked in many aspects, according to Paape. Energy, climate, care, education, the tax authorities, nitrogen, PFAS, migration. And then there is the war in Ukraine. He sees the need for fundamental


, and Master of Tax Law), the current president of the association. Nyenrode CFO Remmelt Vetkamp closed


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