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Making a contribution 

Nijenrode castle and the university are inextricably linked. We are doing everything we can to preserve that. This means that maintenance of this 750-year-old monument is of great importance. We are pleased with your interest in our beloved castle.  

The foundation of the castle is in a bad condition. Over the years, the castle has been extensively  restored. However, large cracks are slowly forming, which lead to subsidence and may eventually pose risks. A solid foundation is essential and therefore we must act now to literally lay the foundation to restore the castle into its former glory. The Nyenrode Fund Foundation (SNF) estimates the cost of this at 13.2 million Euro.  

Will you do your part and contribute?


Anouk Reitsma


A small selection from the past  

In the 13th century, the border area on the Vecht between the diocese of Utrecht and the county of Holland became an important route for trade and shipping. In the period around 1260 the first foundations were laid for Nijenrode Castle. Over the years, the Castle has been destroyed several times but always rebuilt with care and love. 

After the Second World War, our Founding Fathers laid the foundation for the Netherlands International Educational Institute (NOIB). By combining theory and practice with  a strong emphasis on personal development, we have now been contributing to the shaping of responsible leaders for 75 years.

Nijenrode castle, today 

Nijenrode castle has a rich history which evokes beautiful memories for many. The castle with many stylish rooms is ideal for lectures, meetings, trainings, receptions, and events. 

We also grant future generations the Nyenrode Experience. That is why we want to tackle the foundation together with you so that we stabilize the subsidence.

Tax-attractive gifting 

Contribute to Nyenrode castle. Read more about the different ways to contribute and join the many alumni who preceded you.  

A donation to the Nyenrode Fund is tax deductible for Dutch residents due to the Fund’s Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). The deductibility depends on taxable income. Read more on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities. Calculate your advantage via ANBI calculator.

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