Martine Bosman LL.M

Visiting Fellow
Martine Bosman
  • Business & Human Rights
  • Circular Economy
  • Labour Law
  • Sustainable Development
The driving force throughout my career is looking after the interest of those who are unable or less equipped to do so themselves. This is also the reason of my position at Nyenrode where I try to contribute to a more sustainable and human rights based development in the world of business.

Martine Bosman LL.M is a qualified business and labour-law lawyer with years of experience and legal scholar with experience in international, multi-disciplinary research. She has expertise in labour-law, both individual and collective, employee participation, corporate governance, stakeholder participation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), business and human rights, circular economy and sustainability. 

In her part-time work at Nyenrode Martine has participated in the Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART) research conducted in the EU Horizon 2020 Project. The research was conducted by method of two international case studies, including interviews with a variety of international stakeholders, site visits, multiple stakeholder - and round-table meetings and desk research.

After conducting research in an EU H2020 project on sustainability hotspots in the textile industry, she is now finishing her PhD. In addition to this research, together with Tineke Lambooy and Aikaterini Argyrou they have designed, arranged and taught the module Circular Economy and Sustainable Development in the international full time MBA, 2019, 2020 and will do again in 2021.  

Martine loves it when her enthusiasm and knowledge on sustainability rubs off on students. When they tell us after the course that they are also bitten by the sustainability bug and will certainly pursue this through the rest of their career. 

Apart from the work for Nyenrode and her legal practice, Martina was a member of the advisory board of Greenpeace Netherlands. 

Secondary positions

  • Legal Counsel 
  • Independent member of the Grievance Committee on unwanted behavior in the workplace of FNV
  • Member of the Grievance Committee Social Plan Slachtofferhulp

Most relevant publications

  • Bosman M., Lambooy T., Oral, E. & Jansen B. (2020). ‘The chemicals between us’: The use and discharge of chemicals in the life cycle of a pair of jeans – from legal theory to practice.  In Mauerhofer V., Rupo D. & Tarquinio L. (Eds.), Sustainability and Law: General and Specific Aspects (pp. 157-200). Springer.  
  • Bosman M. , Argyrou A., Lambooy T. & Solaimani S. (2019). Gender (in)equality in the Bangladeshi ready-made garment sector: a systematic review. International Comparative Corporate Law Journal (ICCLJ), Volume 13 2019, Issue 3. 
  • Lambooy T., Jansen B. & Bosman M. (2019) When mother earth begged for research: an indexation of social and environmental hotspots” Yuridika, Vol. 34 No 3 September 2019. ISSN 0215-840X. 
  • T. Lambooy T., Bosman M., Argyrou A., Jansen B. , Begum S. & Khan N. (2019). The regulatory ecology of two severe sustainability hot spots in the product life cycles of a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Report by commission of the European Union. 
  • Lambooy T., Bosman M. & Solaimani S. (2017). End-to end analysis of Sustainability Hot Spots in the Ready-Made Garment Industry. 
  • Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services as Public Policy in South East Asia, from Theory to Practice
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