Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I request a specific room or location?

We do our very best to allocate your preferred type of housing, but we cannot make any guarantees. In any case, Program Management and/or the Campus Dean make the final decision.

  • Can I view my accomodation before moving in?

Around 4 weeks before the start of your rental period, you'll receive a letter with your new address details. At that time, you can make an appointment to view your new accommodation.

  • Can I bring my car on Campus when I am moving in or out?

During the general 'moving-in weekend' – dates will be announced – you can bring a car or (small) truck onto Campus. If you move on a different day, you need to request a parking exemption from Campus Security.

  • Can I bring my pet to Campus?

Pets are not allowed on Campus.

  • Do I need to register with the local municipality?

Yes, you need to register with the Municipality of Stichtse Vecht. You can do this online at any time with DigiD, or in person at the Town Hall in Maarssen. Please note: you have to register within 5 days of your arrival. 

  • What are the cost for shared housing?

The rent for shared housing is calculated as follows: 'Rent' + 'Additional costs' + Partner charge' divided by two. 

  • What are 'Additional costs'?

Costs for amenities such as water, power, garbage removal en window cleaning.

  • Can I place a small kitchen or hot plate in my unfurnished accomodation?

No, this is strictly not allowed – by order of the fire brigade. Moreover, it could cause power outages or surges.

  • What color is my interior?

The curtains are gray and the walls are white. Floor colors vary. For an impression, please check the photo gallery.

  • Can I paint or wallpaper my rental housing?

You are expected to leave the place as you found it. All walls are white (RAL 9010). You are not allowed to drill holes in the walls. Please check your rental agreement's terms and conditions before making any changes to avoid disappointment (and future issues).

  • Do you have a floor plan of my accomodation?

You can request a floor plan via

  • Where can I receive mail?

There are individual mailboxes at every building, so you will be able to receive mail at your own Nyenrode address. You will find your address in your rental agreement. You can pick up parcels from the Service Point.