Bart van der Linden

Visiting Fellow
Bart van der Linden
  • IT sourcing and Innovation
  • Digital Business Ecosystems
  • Digital Ecosystems

Bart van der Linden is a visiting fellow at Nyenrode Business Universiteit at the Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance and Stewardship. He has a background in computer science and information science. After completing secondary technical school (MTS), higher technical school (HTS) and obtaining a degree at Radboud University, he joined Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

Currently, Bart is finishing up his dissertation on innovation in IT sourcing. One of the chapters is about ICT ecosystems. In 2017, Nyenrode organized a summit in collaboration with T-Systems Nederland, which initiated the launch of the digital ecosystems research program. In the summer of 2020, the Digital Ecosystems Institute was also set up, allowing more intensive research being conducted at Nyenrode on digital business ecosystems in the platform economy. 

His mission is to improve collaboration between people across organizations. The (eco)system method plays an important role in this mission, and Bart wants to share his ideas with professionals.

Bart has conducted several studies in India and Uganda on ICT offshore outsourcing and its success factors. In addition to research, he also founded Source2Innovate, a company that supports organizations in selection processes and European tenders, to achieve innovation and change. He was also an editorial board member of the book Covid-19: een bevel uit het niets (COVID-19: a command from nowhere). In this book, 54 lecturers and scientists from Nyenrode Business Universiteit shed their light on the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Most relevant publications

  • Van der Linden, B. (2011, September). Innovation within outsourcing relationships: Contemplation of Luhmann's theory. In 2011 International Conference on Management Science & Engineering 18th Annual Conference Proceedings (pp. 1195-1200). IEEE.