Dr. Joyce Rupert

Visiting Fellow
Joyce Rupert
  • Gender Diversity in Organizations
  • Leadership
  • Change Management

As a research fellow at the Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership, Dr. Joyce Rupert is active in the Master of Management program as graduation supervisor, second reader, and quality assessor. Her research interests include how diverse teams function and learn (i.e., fault lines), leadership in organizations, and change management.

Her mission is to ‘deliver’ students who have the level of analytical thinking and integrity that characterize a university graduate. When supervising students, she likes to stimulate the pleasure of doing research.

In addition, in recent years she has worked with e.g. colleagues from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tilburg University on a five-part series on people-centered entrepreneurship, published by Boom, of which the last part focuses on leading from love (agape). This research suggests that leading from love yields very promising results compared to more transactional forms of leadership.  

Meest relevante publicaties

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