prof. dr. Hugo Letiche

Visiting Fellow
Hugo Letiche
  • Supervising Thesis
  • accountability
  • Advanced Research
“Never behind the geraniums”

Prof. dr. Hugo Letiche gives support for research methodology and writing, on the graduate student as well as colleague levels, and the bringing of such research to successful journal or book publication levels.

Letiche was the Director of the ‘DBA PhD program’ at the UvH Utrecht until his retirement; som fifty PhDs were completed under his supervision. Thereafter, he was Adjunct Professor at Leicester University teaching research methods and ethics to their part-time distant-learning students (mainly from Africa and the Middle East) during their on campus summer school. He is a member of LITEM the research school in organization, accountability and ethics of L’Universite Paris-Saclay. His PhD was from the VU and his current research is based at Nyenrode is in the ethnography of accountability linked to an international research project, co-editing a special number of AAAJ and a book contract with Routledge.

Letiche contributes to the core values of Nyenrode by giving support to ethically relevant awareness and research.

International activities:

  • LITEM L'Universite Paris-Saclay
  • Keynote SCOS Paris July 2023
  • Accreditation review American University Paris.
  • Lecturer Research MA course ‘Organization research’ Paris-Saclay
  • SPSG L’Universite d’Evry (FR)
  • Research theme: philosophy, methodology and research with Prof dr Simon Lilley, University of Lincoln (UK)

Relevant publications

  • “Researching with Metaphor” in  The Oxford Handbook of Metaphor in Organizational Studies (2023; with Ivo de Loo)
  • “Liminality, Affect & Flesh” somatechnics (H Letiche, T Letiche, J-L Moriceau) (accepted 2022)
  • “Meeting Research(er) and the Researched Halfway” Critical Perspectives on Accounting (accepted March 2022)
  • “Bernard Stiegler and the Necessity of Education” (with Geoff Lightfoot and Simon Lilley) Educational Philosophy And Theory (accepted March 2022).
  • “The spectacle of performance measurement and accounting academics” (accepted 06.03.2020) AAAJ Accounting Auditing & Accountability Journal   [C Bikram, C Cordery, H Letiche & I de Loo