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How to search the library tips and tricks

The Nyenrode Library staff are happy to help you look for information in our (digital) collection. To help you on your way you can find the basics on this page.

Additional information about the use of various databases can be found in Canvas. You will need your Nyenrode login to access these pages. The pages can be found here.

Finding information online via the library website

To look for information online go to 'Search online information sources' on the library homepage. Next, click the source you want to access.

How do I search for A-quality journals?

To assess a journal's quality, Nyenrode uses the Association of Business Schools' Academic Journal Guide. This list contains over 1400 scientific magazines in the fields of management and business on a scale of one to four (low to high). You can check the quality of your journal as follows:

  1. Registrer and log on to: Academic journal guide
  2. You are being redirectes to the ABS homepage.
  3. Click on the Academic Journal Guide to see the list.

Searching for articles or journals

Using Discover! search engine, you can look for articles in all Nyenrode Library's databases as well as some open source databases. See the demo Searching in Discover. One search may result in articles from EBSCO, ScienceDirect and Emerald. You can access the journal article database via the list with online information sources. If you cannot find an article in our library, you can order a copy through the inter-library loan service by sending an email ( or select the order form in EBSCO. You can check whether a journal is available by selecting the 'journal finder' in the top left of EBSCO Discover! This will help you find our subscriptions and available volumes.

EBSCO app for literature studies

You have the possibility to search for magazine articles on EBSCO's app, allowing easy access via smartphone or tablet. Please note: this app only allows you to search in the EBSCO database.. Follow the steps below to install the app:

  1. Connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network on the Nyenrode campus.
  2. Go to the Nyenrode Library website and click on EBSCO.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the link EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications. Fill in an email address you can also access from your mobile device.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email you have received.
  5. You can now access the databases using the app, anywhere and at any time. NB: You need to renew your email authorization after nine months.

Tip: EBSCO allows you to search by 'cited references'. This lets you know which articles refer to the article of your interest. You can find more information about this service on the EBSCO page.

Search and lend books

In the Nyenrode Library you can find books and other printed information. You can look for what you need using the library catalogue.

TIP: If a book is currently out on loan you may put a reservation on it in the library catalogue. You will receive an email notification once your book is available. Also, If a book is unavailable in our library, you can order it via the inter-library loan service. This is not free, see tariffs.

Renewing Loans

You can renew your loans as long as they have not been requested by other library users and you do so before the due date. To do this, go to the library catalogue. Log in and go to 'My Account' and select the items you want to renew. If you want to renew a loan after it was due back, please see one of our members of staff.



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