Olivier Valks “Be open to others and try to understand differences”

“Be open to others and try to understand differences”

Community |  February 20 2020
“This degree program offers much more than just academics. There are so many opportunities since you are living on campus, and at the same time you can do things to develop yourself through the student association and its 49 committees,” says Olivier Valks about the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BScBA) program.
Full-time MBA Sabri & Natacha 3_compressed MBA in Amsterdam: educational, but also just fun

MBA in Amsterdam: educational, but also just fun

Community |  December 11 2019
Natacha Rodriques Soares and Sabri Assali joined our Full-time MBA program and they share with us their journey to Nyenrode and their new lives in Amsterdam.
Karim Ghannam Graduation 2018-2019 A place that became home

A place that became home

Community |  October 25 2019
Karim Ghannam, Full-time MBA alumnus, shares his experience at Nyenrode and how the program contributed to his personal and professional growth.
Linsey “Happiness” from education to business

“Happiness” from education to business

Community |  June 28 2019
Linsey van Oers completed her Master of Science in Financial Management at Nyenrode Business University five years ago. She is now an entrepreneur and has opened – within a short period of time – two locations of her Happiness restaurant concept: The Happiness Café and The Happiness Kitchen.
Marjolein Bakker Disruptive innovations in a sustainable world

Disruptive innovations in a sustainable world

Community |  May 2 2019
Marjolein Bakker, an alumna of the Full-time MSc in International Management, has recently embarked on a collaboration to publish her thesis as an article. Joining her in this effort are Prof André Nijhof and Dr Henk Kievit, both professors at Nyenrode Business University. Her Master’s thesis, “Exploring Encroachment: value propositions and the role of disruptive innovation in attracting new customers”, examines the type of innovation that drives new customers to buy a particular value proposition. The provocative title of Bakker’s forthcoming article reads: “Can the customer still be king in the era of sustainability?”
goede Serious games and entrepreneurship with social impact

Serious games and entrepreneurship with social impact

Community |  April 17 2019
Executive MBA alumnus Sjoerd Wennekes (36) talks about his unique mix of educational qualifications. Wennekes began his student days at HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht and started his MBA at Nyenrode Business University a few years later. This combination has paid off. It has resulted in the success of his company Active Cues, which is responsible for the Tovertafel. The company now operates in 10 countries and has 45 employees (70 including all international partners). As far as Wennekes is concerned, there is no doubt they will keep expanding all over the world.
Tony Chocolonely After Work Session Doing business without losing ethics

Doing business without losing ethics

Community |  March 11 2019
How can a brand create awareness, set an example and inspire others at the same time? Students and staff at Nyenrode Business University learned the answer to this question and many more during an after-work session on March 7, 2019. Ynzo van Zanten, Choco Evangelist at Tony’s Chocolonely, was the keynote speaker.


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