Faculty members

The faculty members

These members of the faculty of Nyenrode Business University are directly involved with the family business research program:

Prof. Dr. Roberto H. Flören
Professor of Family Business and Business Transfer at Nyenrode Business University. Was Faculty head of the university for five years. Roberto was born and raised in a family business and experienced the transition of the family business from his grandfather to his father firsthand. He received his doctorate for research into succession in family businesses in the agricultural sector and has lectured and published a great deal on family businesses both nationally and internationally. Since 1992 he has been responsible for the family business research program at Nyenrode. And that is not all: he is also a member of the supervisory board of Breman Topholding in Genemuiden, chair of the supervisory board of Kwetters in Veen and chair of the supervisory board of the Maan Group in Raalte.

Dr. Marta M. Berent-Braun
Associate Professor at the Nyenrode Center for Entrepreneurship of Nyenrode Business University. Marta comes from a family business in Poland and her partner is currently the second generation to work in his parents’ business. Her key focus areas are good governance and ownership dynamics in private undertakings. These days, her research concentrates mainly on entrepreneurship, business transfers and good governance in family businesses. Marta graduated with a specialization in entrepreneurship at Erasmus University and received her doctorate at Nyenrode. She also has a master’s degree in Management & Marketing from the University of Lodz in Poland.